Computer Crashing!! help please :)

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hey guys, first post here a friend told me to post here saying they
would fix my prob so here we go!!

ive had this comp for about 6 months, the first 5 months it worked
fine but recently its been screwing up and keeps getting worst and

First, when I boot the computer, sometimes it just doesnt boot. The
fan turns on, the hdd spins but nothing happens. There is no loading
beep, it takes me a few reboots for it to f inally work.

Then recently, iíve been getting crashes. I can usually run fine for a
few hours, then it crashes. No bsod, it just freezes or the screen
turns blank. Then the same problem I listed above happens, if I try
like 50x in a row, eventually itíll work and windows will start.(If I
leave the comp off for a while, it will boot on first time although).
Also if the comps been on a very long time, the monitor just starts
doing some weird stuff. Turns pure black, flickers.. when its black
ive had this weird bright white light come on at the center of the
screen if that matters.

Some things ive tried to fix it:

format, blow fan on inside, re-seat cards and check connectors, all no

PLEASE HELP!! thanks

incase it matters
512 ram
chaintech ct-skt600 mobo
amd 2400ghz

radeon 9600

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Re: Computer Crashing!! help please :)

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My first guess is to try a different graphics card. The problem originates
even before the comp gets warm. If not that then possibly the mb itself.

Jan Alter
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Re: Computer Crashing!! help please :)

On 4 Jul 2005 04:37:01 -0400, nukeleearr

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Try checking the temps first.  Theres the old Speed fan free software
and Motherboardmonitor too. Thats the obvious one. Next get memtest86
and test your memory it free software - do a simple search with
google.  Usually you dont get massive problems like you have though.
You might want to look at your motherboard for swollen caps. If the
capacitors are swollen or leaking browish stuff , dried brown stuff on
top of your caps etc - you have the bad cap problem.  

You can also see in WINXP check for errors under control panel / admin
tools/event viewer - system , app etc.  Usually this doesnt tell me a
whole lot though.

The obvious problems that might be left would probably be motherboard,
power suppply and vide card if the memory checks out though I think if
the MB was going out , it would show up in the memtest segment but who
knows. The next obvious thing is to strip it down take any unneeded
cards and periphs off and just have the vid card, MB. mem and see if
it still hangs after leaving it on for a while.

CHeck your video card to see if the fan is still working. The next
step really is to swap out parts and it really helps if you have parts
that work that you can swap in and out - memory. video card,
motherboard, power supply . That really narrows it down.

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