Complicated Dell Raid0 problem

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I have a Dell Dimension E520 which has a raid0 array (I believe this is 2
disks and the data is striped over them - no redundancy as such).

The PC did not boot this morning, and suggested calling support. Bootvid.dll
was the last message on the screen.

A WinXP (home) repair was attempted, but it gets to a point where it wants
the iaStor driver. However, you can't browse for this as, by this time in
the repair, the KBD+mouse (both USB) have stopped working!
They work prior to the repair though.

If I enter the recovery console (press R during setup), then I can browse on
the disk and find all of my files.
Although not 100% essential, I'd like to get these files back. But when I
try and use the console's copy command (to floppy for now), it says Access

Is there a method to copy these files? I have a spare SATA drive, and the PC
can take this. This would be the best method for backup.


Re: Complicated Dell Raid0 problem

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Well, I gave up on the recovery console idea to copy files, as you can only
copy one file at a time, unless you install some administrative snap-in

Solution, was to install the spare SATA drive in SATA0 and put XP on it.
Then this appears as C: and the raid0 (when plugged back in) appears as D:.
All files accessible.

So much for Dell support who conned me out of some money and all they asked
me to do was run chkdsk /r and then re-format!

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