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I own a compaq sr1514nx with the ASUS k8s-la motherboard that is fried
I cant
seem to find this board anywhere to buy so is there a board out
there that i can
buy and use in this computer. everything else works
just need board and maybe

Re: compatible motherboards

drgnslyr3634 wrote:
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If you replace the board with one quite a bit different from your OS may not boot.
if you are running XP...a repair installtion will usually do the trick.

if you are using win98...your system may or may not reconfigure

Re: compatible motherboards

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K8S means AMD socket 754 with SIS chipset.
Take a look here for your mobo specs.
Looks like any modern microATX board will work. The Asus K8S-MX
will probably work as it has an AGP slot but is smaller than yours.

Re: compatible motherboards

(drgnslyr3634) wrote:

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Maybe this is the replacement you need. See if the motherboard has
a sticker on it, with the HP/Compaq part number.

"PJ623-69003 $114.00 Motherboard (system board) - Salmon, UL6E

Documentation on "Salmon" motherboard is here:


Re: compatible motherboards

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 16:30:39 GMT, no@spam.invalid (drgnslyr3634)

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I have a compaq too which I immediately trashed. I threw away the case
and got a 20 buck one from Compusa and then recently replaced the MB
with a standard nforce3.

I recall the K8s-la seemed to only be made for compaq I couldnt find
it mentioned anywhere else. Asus has a variation on it they used to
sell which seem slightly different. For all I know the model number
alone made me the difference but it had a SIS chipset and built in

For the same amount of money as an official replacement --- if it ends
up costing $100+ you can actually buy almost part of a new system if
you live in the US.


Compusa --- Mambo Thermaltake blackcase which is a very nice
snazzy case thats standard no guessing what will fit in the future
if you have to swap parts out. Its $20 after rebate this week only.

Frys often as 2800 semprons and 3100 semprons with a ECS nforce3
board for $79/89 combo. You get a new processor MB AND case for
roughtly 100 or so.  If you sell the processor on ebay etc you should
get around half of that money back usually easily so you end up with
new case and MB for 50-60 cost.

Youll have the problem of reinstalling the OS though as philo says.  I
didnt use Compaqs reinstall disks. They have a partition with
reinstall files in the partition. You can make reinstall disks from
them according to posts Ive read. However you have to be able to read
from the HDs to make these disks of course and Ive had tons of trouble
recently when Ive swapped out MBs with even WIN XP. Even in safemode
they seemed to not be able to bootup and many cant even get to the
point of getting in safemode.


Re: compatible motherboards

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 02:41:12 GMT, wrote:

Heres the info now that Im somewhat awake.

Asus made this the K8S-MX with the SIS chipset and built in graphics
This may or may not be close enough to use the old hard disk install
and compaq reinstall

At Directron



Do a search you might even find it cheaper since its a cheapo board
and this is the version Asus sold to the public. Once again this
should be very close but I dont know if its an exact replacement in
terms of drivers etc.

I looked all this up a while ago because I have the exact same board
as you do which I replaced.

Frankly if you have an OS disk WIN XP or something then I would get
the Sempron deal at FRYs and replace it with a standard NForce3 board
which is more flexible, has more slots PCI 5 etc. The only thing thats
difference with mine is it doesnt have the connection onboard for the
6in1 card readers etc which I disabled anyway cause it was hogging the
resources in WIN XP/motherboard. It would give me an out of resources
message when I tried to install a new card in my system and I saw that
the 6in1 reader was installed as if itwas 6 different devices.

The Mambo case at Compusa is $29 this week not 20 as I states after
rebate pretty snazzy for 29.

Unfortunately I cant find any COMBO sales at this week.
They have them on and off all the time. Sometimes its hard to find
them buried among the CPU and motherboard listings.

Its a 754 socket MB ECS (cheapo makes but I bought two with no
problems so far) and a CPU sempron 2800 or 3100. Youll need video
though since it doesnt have built in video. You can get a $20-30 card
at Newegg.

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