Compatibility checks for new computer

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I want to build my second self-built computer, and learn from the
mistakes of the first.  With my first one, I got a two nice hard
drives, plus a stinky hd, threw it into a cheap tower with an OK
mother board, added 2 Gigs of Ram, and a fine Radeon X1600.  Thing is,
the crappy stuff I put in it hurt the good stuff I put in it.  I don't
want that to happen with my second one.

I think I am going to take the two nice harddrives, along with the
Radeon, and put it in the new tower.


What should I be looking for in a Motherboard?  What should I try and
match up?  Am I being clear enough here?  I don't wanna get a MB that
can only use 80% of the max speed of the RAM, or a MB that is slowed
down by the read speed of my hard drives.  Do ya get what I am sayin?

I have a need for speed...... :evil:

Re: Compatibility checks for new computer

ldiaco wrote:
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I have been more satisfied with the Dual Core machine that I built than
previous ones as it is by far the fastest machine I ever ran. It also
runs cooler for a fast machine.

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