Compare P3 with Xeon?

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I am trying to find a speed comparisson between a dual Intel Pentium III
1.26Ghz and a dual Intel Xeon 3.6Ghz Server.

I know it's probably impossible to draw a direct conclusion, so if anyone
could just tell me roughtly how many times faster the Xeon is likely to be
(on raw CPU power) than the P3 that would be great.


Re: Compare P3 with Xeon?

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Roughly, 2.5X but it will have a lot to do with the rest of
the bottlenecks and the specific use.  For a fileserver for
example, a single Pentium 2 400 could be just as fast in
realized throughput for low # of clients, *IF* all else
could remain equal.

The real question is whether the dual PIII does the job.  If
it does, there's no reason to upgrade to the dual Xeon.  If
you are buying a new system today, there is little reason to
buy the old P3 platform unless your needs are low cost and
small 1U, since it should produce less heat.

Re: Compare P3 with Xeon?

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It's a replacement which we have already purchased (the old one was really
struggling).  Just wanted a rough figure so when we make a big fuss for our
users we can say it will be x times faster.

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