Compaq Presario S3010CL

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What is this computer worth at a garage sale with no OS?

I'm thinking about $25.00, but I see that the power supplies are
selling online for around $60.00 (with shipping).

So how much should I ask for it?

Here is the same computer on ebay.

Re: Compaq Presario S3010CL

Ron wrote:
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The power supply in it is 200 watts. You don't pay $60 for
a 200 watt power supply.

This is a 250W for $35 for example. I can find cheaper
ones than that - this supply has good reviews. The
cheapest I could find was $11, but the supply in that
case was a piece of crap.

There isn't much to "part out" inside that computer. An optical drive
today is $20 and would handle both CD/DVD. The drive in that machine
is CD only. The hard drive is 40GB (which some people might like
because they might have trouble finding a new one that small).

So if we don't "part out" the machine as the selling objective,
then we have to make a usable machine out of it. I would want
512MB minimum memory in it, and the thing ships from the factory
with 256MB. Some of the Linux distributions, out of the box, might
have a bit of trouble with 256MB. And Linux would be a "free" OS
solution for the box (that's the reason I mention it, as a way
to put a free OS in the box).

I used to use an AthlonXP 3200+ machine (2200MHz processor) and
it was OK, but with things like today's browsers, it was a bit
slow. It would depend on the OS as to how much hesitating it
might do. With those machines, the bus and memory were as much
of a bottleneck as anything else.

I wouldn't buy it myself, but a student might find a use for it.
A copy of Linux with OpenOffice would make the beginnings of
a machine for school work. It might be OK with standard definition
(SD) video content. I'd probably ask $100 for it, and not be
surprised if it doesn't sell.

If you ask too little, people aren't going to want it, because
they'll think it's broken. If you could set up a demo, with the
thing running, put a price tag of $100 on it, you might have
better luck selling it. But it would be a nuisance to go to
all that trouble to set it up. You'd be wasting a lot of
your time to get the $100. And in a garage sale scenario, you
could turn your back and someone would run off with the monitor :-)

I can get a new computer at Walmart for $219, and this is a dual
core at 1.8GHz (not directly comparable, because it's an Atom
processor). This is just to give you some idea how the new stuff
might establish a price ceiling for you. This thing has no
optical drive, so your box is better in that respect.

Price it at $100, and let them talk you down :-) If
you start at $25, there is no room to go lower :-)


Re: Compaq Presario S3010CL

Paul wrote:
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No HDD, RAM, or OS on that one, either, and the only network access is

Interesting concept, though.


Re: Compaq Presario S3010CL

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Thanks for all of the info Paul!

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