compaq presario 2294 how to disable built in vedio card?

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A friend has one of these and wants to disable b/in MB video any one
know the jumper on the MB ? It cant be done in bios it seems

Re: compaq presario 2294 how to disable built in vedio card?

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 22:54:10 +1000, Jonni

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A brief description of the system might help.  For example
the motherboard, CPU, and whether it has an AGP slot (and
whether the replacement card that friend wants to use, is

If the system's integrated video function is from the
northbridge (ie- no separate video chip) which may be the
configuration- I used to have a Compaq system of similar
age, Super-7 mATX board with K6-2), and there is an AGP
slot, inserting a video card in the AGP slot should
automatically disable the integrated video.

If it's a PCI video card friend wants to add, the issue is
which video the Compaq bios tries to initialize first, the
default bios setting for that.  It could be that merely
inserting the PCI card is enough for it to become the
default.  Sometimes bios options are hidden UNTIL
applicable, ie- no setting for video UNTIL you add the card.

Be aware that Compaq didnt' put very large power supplies in
some of those systems... 75-90W, maybe up to 150W was pretty
common and such a small PSU may have problems with
additional load like a new video card.  

Fortunately even though they were quite low wattage PSU,
they were often still regular, full sized ATX PSU with
standard wiring and ATX connector so swapping in a different
PSU was no problem... except that some PSU have an on/off
switch on the rear which might interfere with the case's
cutout for the PSU exhaust & power plug, so ideal
replacement wouldn't have any switch on the back (or see the
case rear for yourself to determine if applicable in this
specific system).

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