Compaq laptop, no response from dc power

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Hey everybody,

I've got a compaq laptop that's been having problems with the charger.
I'm pretty sure its the connection port on the laptop itself that's
the problem. When I would be using the laptop on dc power, I noticed
that the computer would go back and forth between batter and charging,
so I assumed the tip of the dc charger was strating to go. Well I had
compaq send me another one, and it was of no help. I then tried the
charger on another laptop and it works fine, but when I try to use
another power adapted on my computer, there's no response. The laptop
can no longer draw any power from any of the power adapters I have, so
I'm pretty sure its the port and/or the connection needle inside, what
should I do?

Re: Compaq laptop, no response from dc power

On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 21:31:54 -0700, Mel

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If the other power adapter doesn't have the same inner
diameter pin size it may not work for that reason alone.
Since the original adapter is proved working, I'd continue
trying it instead.

Seems likely that it's either damage to the jack itself, for
example the spring-piece inside might be bent out of shape a
bit, or it has been stressed onto breaking away a little
from the circuit pads on the board inside.

You could try peering into the jack hole to see if it
"looks" like that end is ok, but beyond that it depends a
bit how competent you are with a multimeter and soldering
iron, ability to trace circuits if you have to put a jumper
wire from there the jack is to the next point on the circuit
board because the trace (might be) ripped.

If the above paragraph seems do-able, disasseble the laptop
and check that.  If not, take it to a reputable repair
center.  Note that a place specializing in laptops and
computers (but that does advertise laptop repair) may more
likely want to (possibly insist that) you need toreplace the
whole mainboard (typically over $200) or subcircuit board if
it has a separate power board.

You might call around to general electronics repair shops
enquiring about whether they could repair (and the cost)
what you believe to be a DC power jack seperating from the
board.  If you feel at least competent enough to disassemble
the laptop and can determine if the power board is separate,
you could then try to buy just a power board from the

I'm not claiming 100% certainty that it's the jack or
jack-board connection but that seems highly likely.

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