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I have a P4 Compaq computer and want to add an 64mb gaming card. Do the
Compaq brands use most general AGP cards?

Re: Compaq AGP Card

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1) Open the computer case and verify there is an AGP slot.
   Generally, the cheapest pre-built computers save a few pennies
   by not offering an AGP slot. Many of these users are disappointed
   to find that their only upgrade option is a PCI video card.
   If there is an AGP slot, carry on to step (2).

2) Find out the chipset used on the board. You can either use the
   documentation that comes with the board, or perhaps use
   Sisoftware Sandra or Lavalys Everest. You can get Everest here:

3) Go to this site and look through the tables. There is a
   "practical" table of AGP card types, and using your chipset
   info, you can get a good idea of what AGP cards will work.
   There is a separate table of AGP cards and what type they

   You start with the table at the bottom of the page. It maps
   chipset to AGP slot type. For example, an "Intel 875" is a
   "Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Motherboard". Scroll up to the table
   with the title "Practical Motherboard And Card Compatibility".
   It shows that everything except a 3.3V only card will work.
   Then scroll down to the next table of video cards, and you
   can see the card types. An FX5200 "Universal AGP 3.0 Card"
   would work in a "Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Motherboard", because
   the "Practical Motherboard And Card Compatibility" says so.

   Note that some cards are tricky. The video cards with two
   entries, are like that because the manufacturer decided to
   change the GPU chip. A few users have been caught by this,
   and if you buy the wrong version of card, when your motherboard
   only works with a specific type, you can end up with a card
   you cannot use. Generally, this is a problem only for older
   motherboard users, that have a 3.3V only AGP slot on the


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