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I've been posting lately on this NG about components i want to choose for
the assembly of my new PC.

I was shopping around earlier today on Future Shop's web site (a big
canadian electronics store), and they sell compaq systems that have
comparable characteristics as the one i want to build, but its 150 CAN$
cheaper than if i buy all the separate components and assemble them myself.

I've already owned a compaq system (a long time ago, dates back to 1997) and
was not at all impressed with the company (they used to completely conceal
the specs of the different onboard audio/video/modem chips, so i absolutely
had to stick with their Installation CD if i wanted to format)

What to you guys think of Compaq systems? Think i should go for it?

Re: compaq

Stay away from Compaq HP and Dell, they still use their own "special"
motherboards and power supplies, if you need to change or replace either one
from these suppliers or for a "normal brought" part, you will have to
replace them both at once.

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Re: compaq

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005 15:51:14 -0400, "Zed Rafi"

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Similar situation today, they are a good buy for a whole,
limited-configuration "as-is",  that is more difficult to
modify, upgrade, or repair.

Don't know where you get your individual parts prices but if
you buy a part at a time when you see deals, you can get
close to Compaqs prices sometimes IF you don't need all the
Compaq-bundled software.  Beyond the OS, most of it isn't
worth $ anyways, it seems more like an issue of undoing the
OEM-added stuff than wanting it for most people.

Re: compaq

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Believe me,nothing's changed,their systems are extremely limited when it
comes to upgrading,their support is atrocious,and their components nowhere
near the quality you'd get building your own.Spending a little more now
could save you a ton of headaches down the road.

Re: compaq


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I actually bought one July 2nd. Couldnt resist cause HP/Compaq has
been so aggressive lately. I  speculated this might happen when Carly
Fiorina was ousted at HP . She was the super hyped CEO of HP who was
supposed to turn them around.  There was an increasingly disgruntled
faction of shareholders there and when she bought Compaq there was a
big fight. the people who finally lost confidence in her thought it
was insane to buy Compaq but she had a loyal faction too and won out.
However after HP seemed to still be stuck in neutral , she was ousted.
There were articles that said HP was going to target DELL to make some
use of their Compaq purchase and suddenly soon after I saw a lot of
sales being hyped at various retail outlets -  a string of amazing
deals.   I always missed out. But last weekend I got one after someone
leaked a great deal.  I dont know if all the ones are like this - the
older emachines I worked on were all like this too - lame-o PS cheesy
all-in-one micro ATX MB etc.  I havent looked at the higher end
compaqs but this one has the same type of specs.

However its an AMD 64 3200 barebones system with 40 gig sata HD and
256 mem for $109 free shipping so Im jazzes. Its a 754 socket though.
I already have a 939 socket AMD 64 but for $109 Ill take a second.

The case, PS (300 watts) and integrated graphics do seem cheesy but
like I said $109 ? Hey its ok by me. You get a KB and mouse and 9in1
reader and CD burner (no DVD rom or burner) and WIN XP home. I could
have gotten more but I didnt want to pay a penny more than the lowest
price you could get since its a 3rd PC. I want to get a KVM switch and
use both kind of like a super DUAL CPU system so that when one gets
bogged down with some process like video encoding or whatever - I can
use the other one . Thats what bugs me the most having to wait around
as one long process is going on. I have a 1600 athlon XP too which is
OK but of course Id rather have a second AMD 64.

Its actually still going on - extended by Compusa 1010Z build to
order. No free shipping now though.

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