Compact Flash harddisk - via ide to CF adaptor

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Hi all,

Trying to fire up my CF harddisk. Plugged the (generic) adaptor in to the
IDE socket, installed the card and rebooted. Bios detects the card and
reports the size: so far so good. The bios says the card will only work
with PIO mode, fair enough, not expecting great performance and I
understand this is typical, unless you buy a card with UDMA support

So now I go to install on it (windows 2k/slackware 12.2) but neither
work. Windows reports that the disk might be faulty when it comes to
formatting it (it doesn't appear to be i.e. I can copy to and from it),
and slackware, although it appears to let me write a partition table
(using cfdisk) complains that there are no linux/swap partitions. When I
return to cfdisk it appears to be true.

Any advice here? Am I missing something fundamental in this process?

Re: Compact Flash harddisk - via ide to CF adaptor

On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 11:12:31 GMT, Keiron

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Maybe I am missing something but at that point, aren't you
then supposed to proceed to creating, designating which is
the swap partition for there to be one?

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You're not missing anything that I can recall with Win2k,
I've installed win2k to a CF card on a CF-IDE adapter
previously and it went just as expected, as if it were a
hard drive in every respect.  What hard drive controller
and/or motherboard model is this?  A link to it may or may
not be helpful.

Is it possible the adapter has a Master/Slave jumper you
have set wrong?  If there are other drives on the same IDE
cable I would remove them temporarily and do something more
basic,  wipe out all partitions with your Slackware disc
then boot to DOS and try to FDISK partition and them format
/s it, seeing if it is then made bootable (next attempting
to boot it).

Let me ask this, if you can format it besides the attempt in
Win2K setup, like in DOS, do you "need" to try to format it
again during windows setup?  Even if you need NTFS
filesystem, I would also try this, formatting it outside of
windows to FAT32 then seeing if the Win2k installation
proceeds keeping the existing partition and filesystem.
Sometimes I get lazy and not in a rush and actually prefer
to do it this way as I can make the CF card bootable in an
external USB reader on another system, copy the Win2k
installation file folder from the CD, then boot it in the
target system and do a DOS-mode Win2k installation by
running /I386/winnt.exe  Granted it takes quite a bit longer
to do all the I/O to and from only the flash card, but I
plan ahead and have something else to do in the interim and
it saves me having to fiddle with discs, optical drives, etc
if they otherwise wouldn't be needed.

Another option is install to a hard drive then use a cloning
program to clone to the CF card.

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