Compac PIII compatible ram

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Just picked up PIII for cheap. It uses PC100 ram. There is 256 in there now.
Will most PC100 stuff work with no issues?

Re: Compac PIII compatible ram

Haggar wrote:
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Yes. Aviod ECC, registered, or buffered. Or weird.

Re: Compac PIII compatible ram

"" wrote:
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On the contrary, if the system will use ECC RAM as ECC, install
it.  Your data will be orders of magnitude safer.

 Some informative links:
   news:news.announce.newusers /

Re: Compac PIII compatible ram

On 25 Aug 2006 10:39:46 -0700, ""

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Registered memory was supposedly "required" for 440BX above
512MB.  Maybe not for the other P3 era chipsets, but half of
those remaining weren't limited to PC100, lower-density,
either so odds are fair it was either 440BX or the far
worse, first Via chipset for P3, 693-something-or-other,
emphasis on the "3" as the 694X was much better.

Re: Compac PIII compatible ram

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Try running the model number through the Crucial and Kingston
web sites. It will probably show up on the Crucial site, and
you may see PC100 and PC133 memory listed as compatible.
Depending on the chipset on your motherboard, there could be
the "density issue" with memory use. Which means a 256MB
module may need to have 16 chips on it and not 8 chips.
A "high density" 256MB is single sided and a "low density"
256MB has 16 chips and is double sided.

I'm just guessing at the vintage of the motherboard here,
by the fact that there is PC100 memory in it, that it
could have the density issue. A late model VIA chipset
wouldn't have that issue, but earlier Intel ones can.

Crucial will ship the correct memory for the job. Then
it is just a matter of interpreting what you see in the
Crucial listing, as to what to buy elsewhere if necessary.


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