comp clock 10 mn early

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Good day,
The time on my machine keeps being 10 mn earlier than the real time
even though I reinitialize it once in awhile.
Does anyone know where that comes from ?
Thank you

Re: comp clock 10 mn early

Nospam wrote:
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At the hardware level, a quartz crystal only has so much long term
accuracy. On a digital watch, there would be a trimmer capacitor
that you could twist, to get exactly 32768 Hz from the oscillator.
But that would only last for a while, and it would drift off again.
As far as I know, there is no provision to do that on a computer.
It is also unlikely that the computer oscillator design, has
any temperature compensation, so as the room temperature changes,
so will the 32768Hz operating frequency.

Time pieces can be kept calibrated, by using the NTP protocol over
the Internet. NTP allows passing time information from one
computer to another. The appropriate Stratum of time piece, is tied
to at least one of the NTP servers, so that the time is traceable to
the rest of the world. Local software keeps track of drift rate,
and by contacting the NTP server at regular intervals, can keep
time accurate to at least the seconds level.

If you want your own fairly good time reference, you can get that
via GPS. The 1 PPS output of devices like this, can be down to
the 1 microsecond level. When your computer has one of these,
the computer can be used to calibrate other computers you own
that don't have GPS receivers. Using the very same NTP protocols.


Re: comp clock 10 mn early


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Now you know how boards are made so cheaply - high precision
crystals cost a lot more.  It's inaccurate by that amount
over that time period, most likely.  You can sync it with a
time server if you like, by windows or various applications
which Google can find.

Re: comp clock 10 mn early

kony a écrit :
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ok, thanks for all the answers
I think it's inaccurate and it will stay that way.
I'll just check on it once in a while.
Maybe it simply does not want me to be late.

Re: comp clock 10 mn early

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Perhaps it is synchronising itself with an online source that is wrong.
Perhaps you have some software that is causing this. Can you figure out when
it happens (what you have to do on the PC for the clock to change).

Perhaps your watch is wrong and the PC is right and just keeps correcting

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