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Re: Comments on system build? wrote:
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The case is excellent from my experience so far. It is indeed cool and
quiet. I've got a fresh system with 4 X 200gB Seagate PATA drives
filling the lower cage and a 160gB SATA drive mounted in an adapter
below the optical drive. To cool the four lower drives I added an Antec
120mm fan in the secondary position to the rear of the cage and run it
at low speed.

I've got a 3500+ Venice which runs quite smoothly. Using the stock OEM
heatsink that comes in the box I can easily run a 10% overclock and
still keep the CPU at 55C and the CPU fan < 1900RPM and essentially
inaudible. This is with the CPU running maxed out with the CPDN project
client and Lame encoder running simultaneously. The only fault I can see
with the AMD so far is that it doesn't handle two heavy loads as
gracefully as a P4 with HT but this machine will be serving basically as
a file server with the CPDN client running in the background so there
should be no power sharing conflicts.

Oh yeah, the cooling snorkel gadget in the Sonata II really IS a drag as
at least one reviewer reported when I need to get into the machine to
change something. That shouldn't be a real problem later when the box is
stable. It does seem to add something to the cooling efficiency in that
it allows the automatic CPU fan to slow just a bit while maintaining 55C.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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