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Hi Experts  :-)

I am thinking of buying a Netbook, as a substitute
for Internet Radio, and for taking with me while
traveling. Costco recently had a Samsung N150 that
was priced at $280 and they sold out quickly. This
(2010) June issue of Consumer Reports rated about
28 models and the Samsung came first. The price
they quoted was $350.

If anyone has had experience of this Netbook I
would appreciate some comments.
In particular, how "gutted" is version the Windows 7?

This is the manufacturer's URL:


The following is a list of the "specs."

Operating System  Operating System  Genuine
Windows® 7 Starter
Processor  Processor  Intel® ATOM™ Processor N450
(1.66 GHz, 667 MHz, 512 KB)
Memory  System Memory  1 GB (DDR2 / 1 GB x 1)
Display  LCD  10.1" WSVGA (1,024 x 600),
Non-Gloss, LED Back Light
Graphic  Graphic Processor  Intel GMA3150 (Int.
Multimedia  Sound  HD (High Definition) Audio
Sound Effect  SRS 3D Sound Effect
Multimedia Player  No
Speaker  3 W Stereo Speaker (1.5 W x 2)
Integrated Camera  Web Camera
Storage  HDD  160 GB (5,400 rpm S-ATA)
Communication  Wired Ethernet LAN  10 / 100 LAN
Wireless LAN  802.11 bg / n
Bluetooth  No
I/O Port  VGA  Yes
Headphone-out  Headphone-out
Mic-in  Yes
Internal Mic  Yes
PC CardBus Slot  No
USB  (Chargable USB included)
3 x USB 2.0
Multi Card Slot  3-in-1 (SD, SDHC, MMC)
Dock Port  No
RJ11 (Modem)  No
RJ45 (LAN)  Yes
DC-In (Power Port)  Yes
Input  Keyboard Type  83 Key
Touch Pad, Touch Screen  Touch Pad (Scroll Scope,
Flat Type)
Power  AC Adapter  40 Watt
Standard Battery  6 Cell
Dimensions  Dimension (W x D x H inches)  10.4" x
7.4" x 0.97" ~ 1.37"
Weight (lb)  2.73 lbs

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

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Window Xp home is much better OS than seven starter for netbooks ,,,I
had an acquintance who did it and was much pleased with it

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

Roy wrote:
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Thanks Roy. I still use Win2K and might try it. Xp
Home is probably a bit faster
and more efficient and I'll certainly consider it.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

On Sun, 09 May 2010 16:43:52 -0700, JD wrote:

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If you switched to Mint Linux or Ubuntu or openSUSE you would find those
even more effecient and you would not have to worry about all those
anti-virus and spyware programs that you have to keep loaded to protect
your MS system from becoming part of a Botnet.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

J G Miller wrote:
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Thank you JGM.

Probably true, but what about the learning curve?
  I might consider installing a Windows
OS first and a Linux on a different partition
until I get it (the Linux ) running smoothly.
I'll chew on that one for a bit.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

On Mon, 10 May 2010 14:46:54 -0700, JD wrote:

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Well nowadays, GNU/Linux systems can effectively be used at two levels.

1) The desktop point and click.

2) Working on and exploiting the system underneath.

If you are just being a "user" using things like a browser,
e-mail, writing documents, then the (1) scenario above is
pretty much the same style of operation as MS Windoze, just
learning where the items you want are on the menu.

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Yes by all means create a dual boot system, then if you need to use
some Windoze specific software (eg games) you can be certain you
will be able to run it natively, but for the serious stuff and
any network activity (browsing, e-mail etc) just use Linux because
it is so much safer and in the end, easier and more versatile.

So do your Windoze install on a limited portion of the disk,
then go to your local bookstore and pick up a Linux magazine
with a live DVD and try it out, and if you like it, install
it on the rest of the disk.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

J G Miller wrote:
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Thank you JGM - good advice!

I had an interesting experience about 18 months
ago when I
started up my Windows program and found that the
hard drives
were missing.
By sheer accident I had on my desk a Mepis Linux
that I had received
a few weeks earlier. I popped it in the CDR and
restarted my box.
To my astonishment Linux started up and loaded.
This was my first ever
experience of a Linux. I played around with it for
about an hour and I
actually succeeded in going online and browsed
away for an hour or so.
Then I opened up my computer, re-set the
appropriate connections, and
after a restart it ran ok.  I still have that
Linux CD but I'll now need an
upgrade for the Netbook.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

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If you're not looking to buy something immediately, you might want to
keep an eye on netbooks coming out with the new Google OS. I just read
that Acer announced one today: =

Tim Mastrogiacomo

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

Tim Mastrogiacomo wrote:
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Thanks Tim.

That is an interesting alternative but the date
when they are selling could be way off.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

On 9/05/2010 1:43 PM, JD wrote:
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Comments regarding Windows or Linux on Netbooks.

As people won't really want to play the high powered 3d games on a
netbook, the need for Windows OS becomes very small.

I purchased an EeePC Netbook with WinXP, last year before going on an
overseas vacation. I found I had a learning curve as the small screen
meant I had to be careful opening windows. Managing the space.

So I thought "I'm really noticing the difference in using this PC! Let's
try Linux!"

First, let's just be sure what we are going to do on this thing:
1)Web Browsing - and this includes Gmail.
2)Storing digital photos.
4) Accessing my email.
5) being able to open attachments in email.
6) a bit of word processing.

Linux (Ububtu - I'm a bit new so don't know many distros- I've since
heard there are better distros for Netbooks) turned out to be fine. It
did not hog as much screen real estate as windows.

I used Open Office for Word Processing, Firefox for browsing and
Thunderbird for email, and Skype.

It all worked! It was quick. It was easy. I didn't use any command-line.
I simply used the Netbook on my vacation.

I don't use it at home as I have my Workstation (Windows 7, Office 2007,

I would have to say I found the Netbook better with Linux than WinXP.
Windows 7 is better than XP (in my opinion), but the small amount of
screen space really matters on Netbooks. I think Linux gave me more
space to play with.

Re: Comments on a Netbook?

Gorby wrote:
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Thank you Gorby,

That was a considerable help. I am not planning to
travel for another 3 months and, from what you
say, I think it would be a good idea to install
the Linux and play with it for a while. Is it easy
to find reasonably recent versions of Open Office,
Firefox and TBird?
I'm familiar with all 3 in Windows, so that aspect
would make things easier for me.

Yesterday I visited and found that
Amazon had the best prices but I had some bad
deals from it in the past. I visited it last night
and found that the only way I could ask questions
about the Netbook was to buy it first. Then I
visited TigerDirect and, although they cost
another $20 or more there + shipping. The wierd
thing is that the red and blue colored Samsung
N150s cost $300 and the black costs $330.

Back again soon and you, have a great week ahead :-)

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