Combo drive tray problem

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Hi everyone

I have to press the button on my DVD/CDRW drive about 4 or 5 times
before the tray will open. It looks as if it tries to open, and makes
the right "I'm about to open" noises, but then changes its mind and
closes again. This only happens after the tray has been closed for a
while, and seems to be more severe the longer it's out of use. Once I
actually get it to open, it will work OK until after another period of
the tray being closed.

Nothing is blocking the tray and it seems to work fine once I actually
get a disc in.

Is there a way to fix this or should I get a new drive?

Re: Combo drive tray problem


   Probability is that the actuating switch is mangled a bit and requires
multiple prodding before it will work properly. The first thing I'd do to
rule out a software problem is try opening the tray by going to the file
browser (Explore). You many know this already but for knowledge sake right
click on the Start key and click Explore. Find your DVD drive towards the
bottom and right click on it and click on Eject. If it opens the first time
it's not a software problem.
   You could try disassembling the drive by removing the bezel and seeing if
if there may be something lose that should be tighter. You may find that
it's something very simple to remedy. Otherwise you may either need to
replace the whole drive or simply enjoy exercising your fingers to open it
each time.

Jan Alter
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Re: Combo drive tray problem

Try popping off the front of the tray. They usually just snap (not break)
off and on. That may give you a better idea what's wrong and may even fix
the problem.

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Re: Combo drive tray problem

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Are you just tapping the button, or are you holding it (i.e.,
continually pressing it) until the tray begins to move?

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