com ports help please

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Sorry if cross posted, but it may be hardware problem as against software?

My desktop is stable AFAIK, but checking my Device Manager it is showing
yellow exlclamation marks against com port 1 and 2.

I am using a BT Router for my internet connections.

According to devices I have no modem installed...internet OK tho'.

I am only concerned with reading newsgroups about clearing device manager
errors for "smoother running of PC".
When I click on properties for each of above ports, it states:
"Device not working because Windows cannot load the drivers req'd for this
device(code 31)"
tried to find better drivers, but it could not find any better than the ones

Tried uninstalling these ports only for them to return with same as above.



Re: com ports help please

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First off, your DSL or Cable connection does not need to use com ports.
About the only thing they'd be used for would be an external dial-up
or an old serial mouse...
so you do not need com1 and com2 and having them "yellowed out" will do no
harm to your system at all.

If you want, you can enter the bios setup and simply disable com1 and com2
(or set them to "auto" if they have their resources set manually)
I think I'd just disable them in the bios and that should remove them from
device manager entirely.

Re: com ports help please

Thank for reply Philo.

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Re: com ports help please

Terry wrote:
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Silly question perhaps but does your system even _have_ real com ports?
AFAIK some "modern" system dispense with them entirely. What sort of
motherboard do you have? Under My Computer > Properties > Hardware >
Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT) what does the OS have to say about
the location of the communication ports?

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: com ports help please

Thanks John.

Being a mature novice I am unable to give some hardware info', but find
below all the ports:
Com6..Handset Manager Software
Com7..Special Phones
Com8..Obex incoming
Com9..Obex outgoing
Com10..Obex FTP

Some of these I am unsure what they are, but my daughter uses this PC with
bluetooth etc.
Com 1& 2 !!!...I uninstall them but re-appear on reboot.
As the group suggests...not the end of the world with 1& 2 ports...but still
What do you mean with>>>>>>>
"what does the OS have to say about  the location of the communication
Hope I coverred it above?


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