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I've been reading the thread regarding laser printers and was very
interested as I was thinking of getting a laser printer - however, after
reading the thread and a couple of reviews on the net for my purposes I
think I may go for an inkjet.
In the past I found inkjets caused many problems but I'm gathering they've
gotten a lot better these days..

Basically I'm looking for a colour inkjet that also prints text well (I
notice a lot of photo inkjets get high marks for photo printing but low for
text) - but I need something that will print with good quality as my
girlfriend is doing graphic design so I'd like something that would look

Any recommendations!?

Thanks in Advance,


Re: Colour Printer Recommendations

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Oops, this thread was on a different group.. I meant to send the message to
that group, but it's still appropriate here :)

Re: Colour Printer Recommendations

I'd still lean towards a entry level Colour Laser (in the UK I can buy them
for less than £300 now)

I have never seen an inkjet do really good text on stock paper, and if your
girlfriends graphic designs are likely to include large blocks of colour
then Inkjets struggle there too.

Actually the best Graphic Design printers are the Tektronics/Xerox Solid ink
ones as they will print at very high quality onto just about anything.

The only problems with solid ink printers are that they consume a lot of ink
every time you turn them on (most people just leave them on, in powersave)
and breakdowns can be tricky as not many people know how to fix them.

Also a new one may very well be out of your budget, although ebay usually
has a few going (generally with some consumables thrown in)

If you still want to go the inkjet route then I can't say enough good things
about the HP Business Inkjet range, They have huge ink tanks (that are
fairly reasonable to change) and the print heads can be changed
independently. However they are only 4 colour so not as good as the best
photo printers for photo work.

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