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I repaired a mini-pc running Win7 (32bit) and it's running well
but in the control panel it shows no driver for co-processor.

The CPU is an Intel quad core Atom 330

Intel has no such driver on their website (as far as I could determine)  
and their driver update tool found nothing missing.

I then thought that *maybe* it was a graphics co-processor so installed  
the latest Nvidia drivers for the on-board ION chip...but still no  
driver found for "co-processor"

I'm not too worried as it seems to run fine but still I'd like to find  
out what driver is missing.

Found it

SMB driver

Re: co-processor

philo wrote:
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It says here, it's 2C/4T (dual core, hyperthreaded) and consists
of two CPU dice inside a single package (yuck!). Sorta like the
architecture of a Q6600, using the FSB for cache coherency
between CPUs. So that's how they made a dual, without spinning
a completely separate chip for it.

The quad pumped FSB ATOM then connects to the ION. Which as functionality
goes, it's like an old style Northbridge and Southbridge, all in one chip.
I hope this is the correct chip...,2.html

There was one other NVidia product that connected via a x1 PCI Express
lane, which wasn't nearly as capable.

There is probably a jumbo NVidia driver package for
a thing like that, with tick boxes for which
driver you want to install.

The ION supports dual channel memory, and the SMBUS would
be for reading the SPD chip on the DIMMs. It should have
an LPC (low pin count) nibble wide bus for other stuff,
but that level of detail isn't in the picture above.


Re: co-processor

On 10/11/2015 11:54 AM, Paul wrote:
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and now that I have all the drivers in place I see there is another  
problem in that analog audio is not working

HDMI seems to be fine but since I have no HDMI playback devices I can't  
test it.

Wish I could figure out how to get analog audio going

will continue to poke around

machine now 100%

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It was a well hidden BIOS setting

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