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Ihave just changed the battery because of its age, in my HPVectra
VL420, Running Windows 2000 PRO.

Upon booting afterwards, I have a garbled screen (three of everything)
of what appear to be error dialog boxes. Screen is so garbled that I
cant read any info displayed. The computer appears to be working since
if you click an icon which you can identify the corresponding program
appears to open though I cant really be sure. Using 'CTL:ALT:DEL'
brings the appropriate dialog box and allows you to choose 'ShutDown'.

When I changed the battery (CR2032/3v) I had the CPU unpluged.
Have I lost my CMOS settings? If so, is there any way to retrieve them?

One dialog box heading is partially visible and reads "INVALID SYSTEM

Any advice will be greatly appreceiated.

Thank you.


dontlikem wrote:
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Hit F2 or DEL on start to go into the BIOS and correct the system time
from there.  In addition check the display adaptor, it should corrispond
  to the one you have installed.

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On 24 Jan 2007 03:37:55 -0800 I never confuse arrogance with
sent this :

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Yes.You will have to manually reset your BIOS information.

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Yes, you lost your settings. No, unless you made a backup of them in
advance, you cant retrieve them.

HOWEVER, it's an hp. The defaults will work just fine.

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The error messages don't bother me. Your DISPLAY bothers me.

It is possible you had to remove a video card or managed to jiggle
something loose during the process. Reseat the video card, and ram.

The magic buttons for entering an hp bios are

f1, f2, and f11, depending on model.


Do you get any beep codes? (See if your unsure)

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