Clicking problems - wireless mouse

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What are some things that would cause a wireless mouse to not respond
when you click the left mouse button?

What happens is that sometimes when I click the left button nothing
happens. It has to be clicked a bunch of times for it to respond. Or
sometimes it's just sluggish. It usually happens when playing games or
checking email (AOL). It doens't seem to happen while browsing files
on the computer.

There are no viruses that I know of (it's not my computer, I'm asking
for someone else). I think the mouse worked fine a couple months ago.
The batteries have been replaced with new batteries. The mouse is
either Microsoft or Logitech (like I said before, it's not mine). I
think it may be a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 5000.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this problem? I have a few ideas
but I really don't know anything about wireless mice.

Re: Clicking problems - wireless mouse

bad microswitch or reception? maybe changing the channel the mouse is
working on will improve things?
my rule of thumb is not to use a wireless mouse unless it's bluetooth, as
they are too unreliable (and slow) especially playing games.

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Re: Clicking problems - wireless mouse

On 6 Apr 2007 21:30:42 -0700, "Mike S."

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Providing the rest of it still works in that scenario (you
might move the receiver closer and retry it or even take the
mouse and receiver to another environment/system to recheck
it if you're desperate to get it working), it's probably the
microswitch.    If you're fair at soldering and putting
together puzzles, it is replaceable on most mice but may
take  a while wading through an electronics house catalog(s)
to find a suitable replacement unless you can determine the
switch part #.

If the mouse is under warranty still you might see if
(whoever) will replace it.

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