cisco router vs linksys vs cisco firewall

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I just got an upgrade for my cable broadband with a static IP address from
Comcast. Belatedly I found out that they turn the firewall on their router
off. I do have a ZoneAlarm which seems to be doing a good job but people in
the know do recommend a hardware firewall installed too. I called Comcast
and they recommended not to assign the static IP address to the computer but
instead to a router which will be put in between the modem and the machine.
I have had such configurations before. A few months ago I got rid of three
Linksys and Dlink routers I accumulated over the years since I thought that
I would never need them again once I got a professional broadband with
modem/router built in. Now I am facing a few choices.

I can buy another Linksys router but in the past I came to mistrust them

I can buy a brand new Cisco, perhaps 3800 series but they are quite
expensive and offer much more than I need in terms of LAN capabilities.

I do have two workstations with Win2K at two different locations with two
computers at each one. I am using DELL Gigabit switches for the LANs. I have
some peripherals and I am planning to set up VPN and I need a full
capability VoIP solution. I want a remote management too. I do use Vonage
telephones (VoIP) at both locations.

I can purchase an old Cisco at eBay, perhaps 2600 series but they are
outdated, frequently lack documentation and do not offer modern

I feel that I should not spend more than $600-800.

I am thinking of purchasing a Cisco firewall as a stand alone product. They
run in a few hundred dollars. One option is a Cisco PIX 506E Firewall used.
Any other suggestions?

My question is: will a Cisco firewall work with a non-Cisco modem (Comcast)?
What will be disadvantages of using it?


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