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Can anyone tell me which card is good for administative tasks, office,
internet, visual studio programming and fifa 10?


Re: Choice grafic card

HDI wrote:
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All of them.. :)

Re: Choice grafic card

HDI wrote:
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I take it, by the nature of that question, that FIFA 10 didn't play
smooth on the computer ? What resolution are you playing at ?
Is this the computer with the Core2 Duo running at 3GHz (E8400) ?

High end video cards have some constraints

1) Power consumption. Up to a couple hundred watts, flowing from +12V.
    The web site measures the power needed, for a number of
    the cards, and is where I get the power numbers when I need them.

2) They need some PCI Express 2x3 or 2x4 power connectors. When you get
    a big enough power supply for (1), generally you get enough connectors
    and cables on the new supply.

3) Card length. Some of the cards are on the order of 10 inches long, and
    they can bump into the hard drive cage. It really depends on the
    computer case design, as to how well a new card would fit.

3D game play, is probably the most strenuous task they carry out.

You should indicate what kind of budget you have available, and
whether you expect to have the strongest card that is offered
for sale.

The very latest cards are the 5850 and 5870. This example is the
5850. It looks to be about 10" long. The power connectors are on
the end of the card (about the worst place for them), so they
may bump into the hard drive cage. One benefit of this card,
is the GPU uses very little power when it is idle, so the
card will be relatively quiet when you're doing administrative
tasks. This one is $260 USD.

One of the customer reviews for that HD 5850, lists a
15,000 3dMark 06 benchmark result. You can download 3dMark 06
and carry out the test on your existing card, to compare it,
and see how much faster a new card could be.

Power results for the HD 5870 card (stronger than the 5850)
are listed here. This one draws 107W while running 3DMark06 and 160W
on another benchmark. So the power supply must have enough
power available on the 12V rails, to provide that power.


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It's for a new pc. a core i 5 750.

The ati 58XX are to expensive so I was thinking of an ati 4770, ati
4870, ati 5770, nvidia250 or a nvidia 260

I'm not an high end gamer so maybe the 5770 should be nice. It's new,
has directx 11, and it has a nice price and I can use it a few years.

Re: Choice grafic card

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Hardware requirements for FIFA 10 are min 6600, which is not very fast these
days. This is the most demanding 3d requirement that you have listed, so
just about any new graphics card should do you. I would recommend anything
new - why not go for a silent or low power card. there are plenty of ATI HD
silent cards out there.

Re: Choice grafic card

GT wrote:
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I downloaded the 2.15 GB demo of FIFA 10, and it seemed to play fine on
my old ATI 9800 Pro. My screen res is 1280x1024. I hope I wasn't missing
a setting somewhere to turn up the detail level. (I couldn't figure out
why the download was so large, for the quality of graphics I was seeing.)


Re: Choice grafic card

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Probably all the footballers salaries - the numbers are so long that the
software size bloats uncontrollably!

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