Checksum errors on CPU

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I've been getting a few (plenty) of crashes when running games, but
otherwise PC is pretty stable.
The machine is about 7 months old, problems have existed from day 1. Yeah I
don;t play games much, but now its starting to annoy me.

(sorry don't have system specs on hand, but looking for general advice if
possible.  Friend built it for me, he's built  like 50 others, so not
complete newb, but should factor this into advice.)

Chkdsk will fix harddisk errors on start up after a crash, and some games
throw a crc error before crash, with error log pointing to a specific file
on the harddrive (though file not always the same).  Chkdsk always fixes the
problem on startup.

I ran hot cpu, and it came back with multiple chksum errors from both CPUs,
but otherwsie all other hardware passed, even the hard drive tests.  I also
ran the diagnotic software for the hard drive (from vendor), 2 hour test and
SMART, and no errors.

Also used heavy load to stress test, and PC ran fine for a hour, then I
closed the application.  i.e no crash.

Does this mean the CPUs are both stuffed.  Is this realy possible, seems
unlikely, should I be looking at something else, like the mobo??

What should I be thinking about for the next step?

Heat, replace CPUs, other diagnostic software.

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the general direction..


Re: Checksum errors on CPU

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I suppose the machine is overclocked ?.
If it is, try backing it off a little.

Re: Checksum errors on CPU

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No, just plain vanilla setup..   Like I said, I don't game much, so you
don't need to overclock to web surf...

I'm not sure what to focus my attention on..  I can't believe both CPU's are
stuffed.. Maybe I'm misinterpreting HOT CPU's messages.

There's definately something not quite right, but its all good enough for
regular work, just falls over on when pushed.  I used to put it down to
crappy software, but I'm thinking its a hardware problem somewhere, and
while I once thought harddrive, that doesn;t seem to gel with the
diagnotics.  Wonder if 12 moths warranty is standard on pc parts...  somehow
I doubt it.


Re: Checksum errors on CPU

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A couple of articles here..

For CD/DVD checking.

Re: Checksum errors on CPU


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CRC errors are typically memory related, not CPU related.
Create a floppy or burn a CDR.
Let it start from there and leave it to run overnight.
That should tell you :-)

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

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