Cheap laptops; a question.

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I want a cheap laptop as de-facto e-reader.  With a large colour
screen.   I will load up Acrobat and convert all other formats to pdf.

My question is:  is there any laptop that can have the screen folded
right back - with the screen exposed - to lie against the keyboard
back to back?   Sometimes I want to read in bed.



Re: Cheap laptops; a question.

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I think anything that is considered a "tablet PC" has that qualification.
I have an HP Compaq tc4200 with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. It comes with
a stylus so you can "write" on the screen. I never caught on to that part
very well so I just use it as a regular laptop except when I'm showing
it off.

Then there's the iPads, of course.

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Re: Cheap laptops; a question.

Peter Jason wrote:
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This concept consists of a 10.1" tablet plus a "keyboard docking station".
When you want a keyboard, you seat the tablet into the dock. About $700 total.

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I saw another one, with a hinge on it as you described. I think
this is the older model. This one is based on an Atom processor.
The other one, might have been ARM based, which means you'll have
to check out the OS situation. So the first one is "Android OS".
The following one is Windows 7 (on a 1.33GHz single core atom).

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You're very much at the mercy of the latest whim in portable
devices. If "all the cool kids" say a tablet is what you need,
then that's all you'll find for sale. Or go back to a traditional
laptop (or ultrabook, of which a new wave will be coming out soon).


Re: Cheap laptops; a question.

On 04/12/2012 06:51 PM, Peter Jason wrote:
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I have a Lenovo that can do that


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