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Despite the fact that they seem to be rumors of them getting out of
the MB mkt --- which they denied in a press release which is even on
their website only a few months ago, if you get hold of their tech
support its actually quite good.

The bizarre thing is if you use email addy on their website etc you
get no reply. If you look up the right one you get a response within
1-2 days consistently. At least I did and that puts it up there with
the best reponses Ive gotten from all the board Ive had contact with.

When I asked for an active fan upgrade they sent me one in a week no
questions or hassles.

When I asked for a RMA I had my doubts eventhough I had started having
problems months ago as you can see from my whines in this newsgroup
----  I actually asked for an RMA 2 days ago and I checked my receipt
and its dated Jan 18 so Im a few weeks past the 1 year deadline if you
want to be anal about it. I was sure they were going to be anal about
it since they kept sending me replies and sent me the form for
requesting an RMA with statments at the bottom how the deadline is 1
year from the date on the receipt. However they responded each time
very quickly - within 1 day and OKed it with no hassle at all.

The only slightly unusual thing  is you have to pay shipping back. So
you pay for shipping obviously to send it to them and you have to
include a check for the shipping back which is only 10 bucks for me
but thats slightly out of the ordinary.

I just hope they dont check it out with some quick diagnostic routines
and then send it back to me my constant worry everytime I do RMA a
motherboard cause most of the problems are weird and intermiitent when
Ive had MB problems not simple failures.

But so far I give them an A for tech support but Im going to put a
mark on my board somewhere so I can tell if they send me the same
board back.

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