Celeron FSB 533 + mainboard FSB 400

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I have a question about using processor with FSB 533 on mainboard with
FSB 400. What could happend ? (ECS P4S52 + Celeron 2,13 FSB 533). What
I shoud check ?

Re: Celeron FSB 533 + mainboard FSB 400

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As the cpu has a fixed multiplier, in this case it will only run at 1.6 Ghz,
that' all.

Re: Celeron FSB 533 + mainboard FSB 400

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Well obviously it will run at 1.6GHz if it runs. The CPU voltage is
and the socket are the obvious things to check. The number you gave for
your mobo is incorrect, ECS says there's no such thing.

Re: Celeron FSB 533 + mainboard FSB 400

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You can get a list of ECS socket 478 motherboard names from here.


One thing to watch for, is if the Celeron is a "Celeron D".
They are 90nm processors, from the same era as Prescott.
When plugged into a motherboard that is not compatible with
them, the computer will not POST. But the Celeron D processor
will not be damaged. For an older S478 motherboard that
is not listed as "Prescott Ready", you must find an ordinary
Celeron processor, and not a Celeron D.

If I look in the "Celeron D" section here, a 2.13GHz FSB533
looks to be a member of that section.

http://processorfinder.intel.com /

Before buying a Celeron D, it would pay to check the CPU
compatibility chart for your motherboard, whichever one it
is. My suspicion would be your ECS board is too old to
support it, but check any information ECS offers first,
to know for sure.

The FSB400 Celerons might be a bit harder to find. They are
0.13u and are more likely to work in a S478 motherboard.
There are some examples of ones that should work in
your board here. The ones at the top of the page look
to be OEM, and do not come with a heatsink/fan.



Re: Celeron FSB 533 + mainboard FSB 400

Thanks for explanations. I've got a right. Celeron D and my mainboard
seem to not work together, but procesor still work in another mainbord
wich is compatible.

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