CD writer repair needed

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I have an HP CD writer,when i try to close the tray it starts to go back &
Then i have to push it closed manually.
Is there a way to lubricate it or something else to free it up ?

Re: CD writer repair needed

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The tray tracks on optical drives usually have a small smear of grease ditto
the drive pinion which if memory serves is a worm drive. If its jamming
potentially there may be something lodged in the track or gearing either way
you need to remove the casing.
Open the drive, first remove the retaining screws and then the difficult bit
the facia plate has a number of tabs which need to be depressed to allow the
casing to split open they tend to be fragile so take care I usually try to
free one side before turning attention to the other rather than attempting
to press both sets down at the same time. the outer door of the tray needs
to be popped off to free the facia from the tray. You should then be able to
locate the problem.  I've done this a number of times only rarely are drives
servicable but its worth a try.No doubt  my instructions do not apply to all
drives hopefully they will to yours

Re: CD writer repair needed

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 09:42:06 -0400, "desgnr"

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The cause could be a part failure (or just excessive wear
onto that point), interference by an obstruction or gunk
buildup, or just lack of lube.

You'll have to open it and inspect it to (hopefully)
determine this.  If nothing looks wrong you can blow the
dust out then put a bit of grease on the rails, contact
areas of the tray slide mechanism.  Since it's plastic,
silicone grease would be preferred.

While inspecting it, pay particular attention looking for
bad spots on gears including on the bottom of the tray
itself, and if the tray motor uses a belt, check that the
belt is not worn out and slipping when the motor tries to
retract the tray.

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