CD ROM drive not detecting.

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Hello guys,

hope you can help me, as i want to get to the bottom of this....

i am running windows XP SP2, on a Pentium 4, 3.06 gig processor, 512

My CD drive isnt being detected. it doesnt show the drive when i click
in ’My Computer’, i go to device manager and it doesnt show there, but
the drive has power going to it as i can open and close it. i checked
the BIOS and it is set to boot first, then floppy, then harddrive as
usual. i have had the drive replaced twice thinking it was a dodgy cd
rom, but it hasnt fixed it. when the technician comes round and
replaces the drive it all works fine until i actually turn the
computer off. the technician has left by then so i cannot show him the
actual problem. i turned my computer off, unplugged the power cable
going to the cd drive and plugged it back in then restarted my
computer, the drive works again....until i switched off my computer
and it disappeared again. the only way i can get it to show is by
doing the above process (unplugging the power and plugging back in)
although sometimes i will have the drive working after doing that
process and then all of a sudden it will disappear whilst the computer
is still on.

Please i know its a long post and your probably bored of reading it,
but ive tried to explain this the best i can, can anyone give me any
advice as to why this might be happening, and the solution if

many thanks in advance for any replies.

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Re: CD ROM drive not detecting.

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try using one of the other power cables coming off your psu. There are
normally a few spares within the system...

Re: CD ROM drive not detecting.

On 22 Jul 2005 00:36:20 -0400 As Andoids Dreamed Of Electric Sheep and

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Is it seen at the P.O.S.T screens(Power On Self Test)?
Before the O/S loads?

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