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ok, my CPU was knocked over today and now the cd-rom drive wont close. i need
to fix it because its a borrowed CPU. what could be wrong and how do i fix it?

Re: cd-rom drive

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It might have only dislocated the tray, or might have damage
it or the gears or popped the belt off, or broken the button
or switch (you don't tell us exactly what happens when you
try to close it).

You can take the drive apart and inspect it, "Maybe" be able
to fix it, or maybe not... then buy a new drive.

Re: cd-rom drive

kony wrote:
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Or.... there may have been a disc in it when it was knocked over.  It
opened, but won't close.

IMO, anyone careless enough to knock over a computer, especially a
borrowed one, should buy a new CD Rom drive as penance.


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been wrote:
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Replacing the CDROM is easiest.

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true. i had a cd bust inside of mine once. i picked all of the pieces
out of the tray (or so i thought) and it did fine. i moved it one day
and a piece left inside jammed it to where it wouldnt open. taking it
apart was a real pain. it wouldnt read discs half decent after that,
so i replaced it. been smooth sailing since.

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well, whenever i try to close it, it goes halfway then wont close anymore. i
get this weird sound like the gears are working but it wont close.

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Re: cd-rom drive

been wrote:
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Get 20 dollar/euro and buy a new drive.

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