CD-R is very hot

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lately the CDRs I burn are getting hot.
They werent cool before, but now they are real hot.
I mean like baked.
When a CDR (like everything else) gets hot it expands, then
when it cools off it contracts.  Does that damage it?
Will it be readable? Is there risk of loss of data?

Is this a good reason to stay away from CD-RWs?

Re: CD-R is very hot

On 27 Sep 2005 08:17:30 -0700, "Mr.Happy"

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Depends on how hot, but generally no, not in the short term
at least.

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Why ask us?  You have the discs undergoing this specific
temp change, pop one into a drive and see if it's readable.
Generally speaking, it can't "help" to have it hot while
burning and cool when you tried to read from it.

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Supposedly they're harder to read and thus the loss of data
is higher.  For a long time CDR discs were also practically
free after rebate so most people seemed to prefer CDR.

I would be more concerned about WHY the discs get hotter.
If there is no significant increase in ambient (room) temps,
it would seem more likely your fans are either failing or
there is dust/debris/whatever builldup now obstructing
airflow.  It could be buildup in the fan exhaust but with a
drive, it could instead be another drive you added below it
(as many (if not all) optical drives use their bottom casing
surface to 'sink heat from chips on their circuit boards) or
it could be dust in the drive itself depositing in the vent

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