CD/DVD drive tray won't open

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Too lazy to shut off my Dell XPS laptop to shove a safety pin in the
hole to engage the emergency tray opener.

I've had this laptop for three years and this is the first time
something has gone wrong.

Here's hoping it will open when I power down and get off my ass to reach
for a safety pin.

Re: CD/DVD drive tray won't open


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Hmm.  Might as well pull the whole drive out and start
disassembling it in case whatever the problem is can be
fixed yourself - or just buy a new drive.

You don't really need to shut the machine off to use an
optical drive's eject lever, though I suppose it is the
safer way just in case some circuit is close to it and you
would be using something metal that could cause a short.  If
it's small enough diameter a toothpick would be one
alternative, though I think they are usually a big larger
than the typical drive hole.

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