CD drive vibrating; 2.5 gig CD

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I think this is all about hardware.

Tonight I was copying a CD to my harddrive, and it was going very
slowly for some reason, perhaps because I needed to reboot?, and the
drive was vibrating a lot, making a humming noise from the shaking.
Yet both before and afterwards it didnt' vibrate at all afaict. (It's
a Creative CD/DVD reader, but doesn't burn.)

What do you suppose the cause was?

I was making backups of the CD's that came with an HP computer, XP SP3
fwiw.  One of them was 2.5 gigs long.  I thought CD's only held 700

Is this why I wasn't able to copy the CD to my 10?-year-old CD burner?
Or is because the blank CD's say 700 MB on the container label?

** (especially important now because I think my other CD-drive (from
TDK) failed yesterday. It read and burned CDs, but wasn't built to
even read DVDs.)


Re: CD drive vibrating; 2.5 gig CD

On 10/8/2010 12:26 AM, mm wrote:
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If a CD gets captured by the drive spindle slightly off center the drive
will vibrate.  Depending on how off-center the CD is the drive may keep
on trying to read the data until it finishes, but as you noticed, much
more slowly than usual due to the resulting data read errors.  Removing
and reinserting the CD will normally fix this unless the drive itself is

User burned CD's with stick-on labels are prone to this as some people
have difficulty sticking the labels exactly in the center of the CD
resulting in an off-balance condition and vibrate much like an
out-of-balance car tire.

If it was a one time occurrence I'd forget about it.

A few multi-speed drives have had the speed sensor go defective causing
the drive spindle to speed out of control.   This has caused a few CD's
to self destruct into little fragments, usually killing the drive in the

Re: CD drive vibrating; 2.5 gig CD

On Fri, 08 Oct 2010 12:33:55 -0500, GlowingBlueMist

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OH, that's easy.  Well, maybe not when I'm copying the whole disk for
an .iso, ?? , but if it takes a long time it doesn't matter.  I have
lots of other things to do.
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Wow. I'm not very well centered myself, so I'll give up my dreams of
someday printing my own labels.  Seriously.

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It's happened before, but not often.  Now that I know what it is, I'll
be glad to forget about it.

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Whew, I thought you were going to say it killed the computer user.

Thanks Glowing and thanks to Joel.

Re: CD drive vibrating; 2.5 gig CD

The CD was not pressed all the way down on the spindle. Common problem.

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