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I have an LG GCE-8520B CD writer drive, which is MRW compliant and up to
now has been working fine as a cdrom drive. Today I downloaded some
software, CDWrite which is supposed to work well with MRW drives. After
installing it I noticed that the drive is no longer listed with my other
drives in My  Computer. Device Manager shows an exclamation mark beside
my CD drive, and Windows tells me that it cannot load the drivers from
the registry (code 19), when I click on the drive, so indicating a
corrupt registry. The drive can be seen and functions outside Win2k in
Recovery console, so I presume this has to be a driver problem.

I have since uninstalled CDwrite, and rebooted the computer, but to no
avail. I haven't updated the registry for 4 days and have since then
installed Windows updates as well as the problem software. Apart from my
CD problem the PC works fine.

Before I start tampering with the registry, if anyone has encountered a
similar problem, what is the best solution to deal with this.

Many thanks.

Re: CD Drive problem

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Why don't you uninstall the driver in device manager? Delete the
file if it isn't a microsoft one and reboot.

Re: CD Drive problem

Have you gone to the Device Manager and removed the CD-ROM and then

Jan Alter
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Re: CD Drive problem

Jan Alter wrote:
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Yes. It just re-install itself with the same problem.

Re: CD Drive problem

I, unfortunately have limited experience with Win2K, not that it's all that
different from XP, but I'd be ill-advised to offer you assistance to start
screwing around with the registry. One thing I would try though is to put
the drive on another IDE channel. Windows would discover the drive as a new
one and possibly accept the former driver. It may get it going again, and
there's nothing irrevocable about the switch.

Jan Alter
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Re: CD Drive problem

Frank Booth Snr wrote:
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This has worked for me in the past:

1) Bring up the Device Manager

    a) Right-click My Computer, select Properities.
    b) Click the Device Manager button on the Hardware tab.

2) Run the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard

    a) Right-click on the item that represents your CD-ROM.
    b) Click the Update Driver button on the Driver tab.

3) Select a Generic Driver

    a) Click Next on the Welcome screen.
    b) Choose "Display a list of the known drivers ..."
       and click Next.
    c) Select "Show all hardware of this device class"
    d) Select "(Standard CD-ROM drives)" from the
       Manufacturers list.
    e) Select CD-ROM Drive from the Models list.
    f) Click Next.

4) Install the Selected Driver

    a) Click Next to begin the install.
    b) Click Finish.

Re: CD Drive problem

Grinder wrote:
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I've finally solved it by using the Recovery Console and altering my
Registry settings to the last backup of 4 days ago. Funnily enough my
version of Internet has also changed from IE6 to IE5, which is where it
was then, but I can easily update it again.

Re: CD Drive problem


Jan Alter
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