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I'm curious about the utility of analog audio 4 pins plug on back of my CD
drive. If I run a music CD, music plays anyway if cable is there or not. In
what circumstances use of this wire become usefull ?

Thank you
Nicolas Poirier

Re: CD analog 4 pin plug


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back in the day a cd-rom drive often had buttons for playing an audio cd,  
you could conect power and a headphone, play music.  can still do it, but  
utility is hampered by lack of several buttons.  one thing the analog out  
is good for is to rip through analog, quality is slightly less, but hardly  
noticeable when making mp3's.  ripping through analog is also a way around  
some copy protection schemes.

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Re: CD analog 4 pin plug

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This is the,"Analogue" audio output of the Cdrom drive.Prior to more
modern systems with higher powered CPUs etc it took a load off the
system to have the analogue output used instead of digital output that
has to be intensely processed.Also MS did not include a native driver
for digital output from the Cdrom drives until around WMP 7 and later
so without 3rd party software and or hardware it couldn't be used

You ask,"In what circumstances use of this wire become useful ?"

Well I still use it for two reasons.

1:I trust my ears and it sound's better(Digital ain't always best).

2:It allows me independent volume control of my Audio Cds whereas the
Digital output is tied to the .wav file volume in the Windows Audio
Volume Control/Mixer.

HTH :)

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