Cause of computer sudenly turning off?

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Hi there,

I've been having a lot of trouble with my computer. It started off with my  
PSU shorting out which fried my motherboard (my keyboard also died at the  
same time). I replaced the Motherboard, PSU, keyboard and repaired the  
Hard Drive and repaired Windows XP.

Since then there have been a few errors like the Motherboard saying it's  
CMOS battery is low and it forgetting all the BIOS settings. That's not  
such a problem as it is an obvious error, what I need help with is the  
computer just losing power. I had it turned on all night then suddenly it  
just lost power and turned off. My question is could this be the CMOS  
battery, the CPU, the RAM or the Hard Drive? (I doubt it's the hard drive,  
but who knows?)

Many thanks if you can help!


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