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Re: Case Coooling Fans

Cooling fans for computer cases are measured in the industry in metric
terms:  mm and cm; not inches.

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Re: Case Coooling Fans

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Measure the width of the fan casing, not between the mounting holes.  An
80mm fan is 80mm wide (or 81mm).  The mounting holes are 72mm apart.
The fan size isn't the distance between the mounting holes.  It is the
size of the fan itself (i.e., how much space you need to insert the
entire fan assembly).  Besides width, you also need to consider the
thickness of the fan.  You can get 15mm, 25mm, and 30mm thick fans.
Check your clearance since putting in too thick a fan means it won't
have the necessary clearance.

If you are measuring 3.25 inches between the holes (and presumably you
are measuring from same edge to same edge across the holes) then they
are 82.55mm apart which already makes it larger than an 80mm fan.  So
you need a 92mm fan (sometimes also called a 90mm fan).

You could always visit some fan manufacturers to see their
specifications for their fans which include dimensions.  For example,
looking at a Panaflow 80mm fan
( ),
the fan case is 80mm wide and the holes are 71.5mm apart.  For their
90mm fan
( ),
the case is 90mm wide and the holes are 82.5mm apart.

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Re: Case Coooling Fans

Yup Vanguard you hit it right on the head 92mm.  Too bad all the 92mm I have
seen use a 3-Pin connector to the Motherboard.  My Motherboard wants a 4-Pin
connector.  I wanna cry.

George Hester
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