Cannot get Local Area Connection

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Thanks for always being there trying to help.

I did what some of you suggested. I formatted the harddisk and installed a
MS original
Windows XP Pro on the HP desktop 4400+ dual core AMD. Instread of being
stuck with the overloaden Windows xp by HP..

It installed OK but before going any further I wanted to establish a
connection to the Internet and E-mail. but the new installlation did not
create a Local Area Connection and having tried the Wizard a number of times
did also not create the Local Area Connection..But I now succeeded with a
Microsoft Local area connection called "Microsoft Loopback Adapter"

I am using a Westall6100 DSL modem and D-link wireless, both of which work,
because I am sending you this message from the laptop.With those 2 pieces of

I have called HP and Verizon but as usual, it is the other guy's fault and
the help was useless.

In the device Manager it shows only the 1394 Connection, not  a local area
connection. But again. it does show the Microsoft Loopback Adapter.

How do I proceed from here?

Re: Cannot get Local Area Connection

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 18:22:45 GMT, "Ritter197"

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Refresh our memory, what is this system?  It is a desktop
and your second which works is the laptop?

Are you trying to use wifi to connect the desktop?

You will not see a local area connection in Device manager,
you'd see the hardware that makes a connection.  Do you not
see this?  If not, how about devices that look like they
need drivers installed still?

In Control panel, network connections, you should see the
network adapter, but it'll have to be showing up in Device
manager first as the hardware.

Re: Cannot get Local Area Connection

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 18:22:45 +0000, Ritter197 thoughtfully wrote:

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As Kony says.

If you have a D-Link wireless router you start there making a Local area
connection.   Have the router assign the internal IP addresses for
your LAN.

Probably  you can assign specific internal IP addresses by MAC (PC's
wireless/wired adapter) addresses.

Re: Cannot get Local Area Connection

Ritter197 wrote:
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Using the switch on the laptop, disable your wireless connection.

In Device Manager, do you see an ethernet controller listed under Other
Devices ?

If so, left click on it, right click, then choose "Update Driver". The Found
New Hardware wizard will appear. Insert the Windows XP CD provided by HP,
since it contains the correct drivers. Also, uninstall the "Microsoft
Loopback Adapter"; you don't need it. The 1394 Net adapter isn't a physical
device you can use, but leave it alone.

Click next and next on the wizard. If it asks you to connect to Windows
Update, choose No. Install the driver.

Post back with your results.

Re: Cannot get Local Area Connection

The HP XP disk included your HP motherboard's network driver.  When you
switched to a retail version of XP it no longer included the proper driver
for your network chip on the motherboard.  You need to find a connection to
HP's website and see if they have a downloadable version of the right
network driver for your model of HP computer.


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Re: Cannot get Local Area Connection

Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried many of them but I finally just
bought this PM a NIC, installed it and right away had now also the desktop
connect to the Internet and Outlook Express.

Thanks to you all.

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