Can the Antec TPQ-1000 PSU work with 4870x2?

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Hey guys,

I recently got an Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W PSU.

It was on sale for $120 and I knew it to be a tier 1 PSU.  I am
planning to build an i7 to play at 1920x1200 in a month or so.
However, I have now been looking further into how it does when paired
with a higher end GPU.  I have been hearing that some people are
experiencing problems with GPUs like the 4870x2 on this PSU.  The 12V
rails on the PSU only have 18A each.  I have read that this is
considered quite bad for the higher cards.  One person said that you
may be able to get it working by using one 6pin plug from one rail,
and an 8pin plug from a different rail:
3rd post in this thread:
That wouldn't add up to more than 36A, though, right? Am I missing
something here?
I had read that a 50A on the 12V rail is recommended for the 4870x2.
Can't remember exactly where it was, but I am a bit worried now.
However, some people are saying their 4870x2 is working with the PSU.
What high end GPUs would work on this PSU?  The only one I can see
that I think might make it is the gtx 260, which says it needs a
minimum of 36A.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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