Can't use onboard sound for P5B-VM

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I'd installed a PC based on ASUS P5B-VM motherboard (E4300 CPU, 2GB
RAM). To keep the cost of build low, I determined not installing extra
display & sound card and use existing low speakers (just ordinary 2
loud speakers) . Installation of Windows XP ran smooth until I found
that there was no sound coming out from the powered on loud speakers
even Windows XP booted up successfully. Also, from XP control panel ->
Sound & Audio device, XP seemed doesn't detect sound & audio device at

What's worse, when I tried install SoundMAX drivers from service
support CD came with ASUS motherboard. Installation couldn't complete
with error message "The HDA Audio bus driver is required and not

I would like to ask is ASUS tailored made audio driver was needed to
onboard sound to work ? If so, what's the meaning of that error
message (PS: all hardware & driver disk were original from ASUS
dealer). Do I need to install additional XP service pack to eliminate
the above error message & make SoundMAX installation proceeded ?


Re: Can't use onboard sound for P5B-VM

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I have found when installing drivers for all boards to be useful to
delete the errored item from your "my computer" properties, then
reinstall it letting it look through the CD for all the drivers! This
may help you get it working better. Note: to get here, you need to
right click "my computer" touch the letter "r" for properties, then
click on the tab "hardware", last hold ALT touch "D", then your in the
Device manager. etc. Let me know if this helps, I will check in a few
days, Peace


Re: Can't use onboard sound for P5B-VM

On 5 26 ,   3 13 , wrote:
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I don't understand what you mean by "errored item". Do you mean those
items marked by yellow question under device manager list ?

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It's the driver CD installing complaining that the file is missing ? I
don't know whether the required file belongs to Windows (i.e.
Microsoft) or ASUS installation software.

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Re: Can't use onboard sound for P5B-VM

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You posted that this is new equipment from an
ASUS dealer.  If the dealer cannot tell you,
ASUS ought to be able to tell you.

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)

Re: Can't use onboard sound for P5B-VM

goo_lu wrote:
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HDaudio consists of two parts. WinXP needs an additional component
called UAA. The first release was KB888111. That version used to be
included with HDaudio driver packages. Which means, if you don't want
to get that one from Microsoft, you can find it by looking for the
right motherboard driver packages instead.

It is possible there is no UAA bundled with the Asus CDROM. In which
case you should get it from the Microsoft web site. Or find an old
one bundled with an early HDaudio package.

UAA is probably the "HDA Audio bus driver" referenced in the error

If you don't wish to deal with Microsoft, this is my previous
recipe. This actually appears to be KB835221, which is also mentioned
in the above link:

Unzip the three parts, then execute the first part. Unrar will
prepare the CMI folder. The "BusDriver" folder contains 32MB
of Microsoft's stuff, for 26 different locales. Select a kb835221.exe
from the right language folder for your OS. Too bad this
part cannot be a 1MB single language download from Microsoft

If you are at all concerned about this process, set a "restore point"
before adding kb835221 and then installing the driver on the Asus
CD. You can always back out later, if you have a restore point.


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