Can't reformat Dell from CD

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I'm trying to reformat a friend's Dell Dimension 9150.  It was used by
his son and is just a mass of viruses and adware so he just wants to
start over.  I have the factory recovery CD and when I boot from it,
it goes through all the usual "Setup is loading files" steps until
just after the "Setup is starting Windows" message.  Then it goes to a
BSOD.  The Technical Info is:  

Stop 0x0000007E

PCI.SYS - Address F853E0BF Base at F8537000

I've googled these and not gotten anything that seems relevant to this
situation.  The machine will boot and run OK, the OS is just really
messed up and gives a lot of popups.

I have:

Tried the factory CD in both CD drives.  

Tried a commercial XP Pro CD.

Replaced the SATA HDD with an old but good IDE HDD.

Updated the BIOS.  Actually, the BIOS version I got from Dell was the
same as the one on the machine, but I flashed it anyway.

Checked to make sure the Dell CD is the right one for the machine.

I don't know where else to go with this.  I'd sure appreciate any
suggestions someone might have.

Thanks very much.

Re: Can't reformat Dell from CD

Dave Smith wrote:
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Pull any cards that you don't absolutely need -- pretty much everything
except the video card.  Put the system into a minimum configuration.
You can always add hardware after you get a clean install.

Re: Can't reformat Dell from CD


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Thanks.  This system already is pretty minimal.  It has only a video
card and a SATA HDD.  I've checked all connections too.

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