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Re: Can't install XP on this new machine wrote:
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For easiest installation, you install WinXP first, then Windows 7.
That allows the installer DVD on Windows 7, to set up boot
management for both OSes. In that case, a Windows 7 partition
is doing the booting (is marked with the boot flag), and the
two OS choices in the boot manager, are stored in BCD (not
boot.ini). So a BCD file is in control, bcdedit or EasyBCD
can be used to edit the contents.

If you install WinXP then Windows 7, you "don't have to know
anything". If you reverse the order, install Windows 7 then
WinXP, the WinXP install will wipe the 440 bytes of MBR boot
code. You need to do the equivalent of "fixmbr" with the
Windows 7 DVD and recovery console, change the boot flag to
point again to the Windows 7 booting partition, and then
Windows 7 will be the one and only OS choice at startup.
Then, using bcdedit or EasyBCD or whatever that utility
is that does a "rebuild BCD", you rebuild the BCD menu so
it includes both Windows 7 and WinXP. That's an off-the-cuff
summary without web page to back it up. I expect if you look,
there will be a web page that walks through the details.

At one time, EasyBCD was free, but now I'm not so sure
about that. If you had a moderately old version of
EasyBCD, you could use that when editing. EasyBCD
provides a GUI for the boot menu setup, whereas
bcdedit from Microsoft is a command line utility.
At one time, examples of usage of bcdedit were
pretty sparse, but now I can find more detailed
tutorials and examples.


It's a UEFI motherboard. Might want to set it to "legacy"
when installing, in terms of boot support. (I use the FTP
download link, for highest download bandwidth of the manual,
which is why it is coming from .ru .) Page 45 shows the
defaults seem thoughtfully selected (see "CSM Support"
and the next entry).

If you wish to keep the current Windows 7 install happy,
when changing BIOS hard drive settings, you'll need
to use the regedit "rearm" hack to get Windows 7 to
re-evaluate drivers and boot from the new setting.
So you'd rearm (use Regedit) first in Windows 7, shut down,
go into BIOS settings, change between AHCI and IDE-PATA mode,
boot Windows 7 again, then when Windows 7 appears happy again,
boot the WinXP installer CD and do whatever you want with the
new disk operating mode. .

"How to enable Ide, Ahci, n/m raid mode without reinstalling"

The Gigabyte download page has an F6 floppy driver package
for AHCI, if you choose to use that mode of SATA setting.
Presumably this formats a floppy (1440KB) and leaves
a set of driver files (txtsetup.oem plus friends). Once the
OS is up, you can use the motherboard CD to get some
drivers into the thing. The F6 step is only required
for drivers that are "critical" to first boot. And on
WinXP, that would be AHCI disk support.

It's possible, if you have an ancient WinXP Gold CD (initial
release), that it could cause a problem with IDE/PATA mode.
If installing WinXP at this late date, you want to slipstream
in the SP3 redistributable, and make yourself an SP3 disc.
That way, there will be way fewer issues. NLite can do stuff
like that.

"Integrate a Service Pack" -  you burn a new CD with the new ISO

"SP3 redistributable"

With the SP3 disc in hand, things will go a lot smoother.
At the very least, you should be using SP2 slipstream or
SP3 slipstream, because it's also remotely possible
you're having a ">137GB support" issue with an ancient

So if I was doing it:

1) IDE mode for disks.
2) Slipstream up a WinXP SP3 disc, burn a new CD.
3) Install WinXP from new CD. No F6 needed due to (1).
4) Install Windows 7 from DVD. Boot menu should show
    two OSes, automatically. Job done (plus or minus
    all the driver crap of course).


Re: Can't install XP on this new machine

On 10/26/2013 10:27 AM, wrote:
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UEFI Bios maybe???

Since win7 is now installed why not just install XP in a virtual machine?


Re: Can't install XP on this new machine

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 9:27:46 AM UTC-6, wrote:
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I am using xp in virtual mode with windows 7. Works and easy to install and it is a free download.

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