Can't go over 2Gb of Ram?

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I did a Crucial system scan it tells me the i can go for 8Gb for ram:)
so i install it four 2 Gb PC 5300 667 DDR2 and no Boot
OK they didn't work let's try Two 2Gb it starts to boot right up to the

Windows XP greating and hangs
So i put the old ram back in Four 512 PC 5300 667 DDR-2 DIMM and it's
how come I cannot go over 2GB of ram My system tells me i can go 8Gb

I have a Gateway FX 530S Intel D975XBG motheboard with Intel Core 2
Quad 2.40
Windows Media Center Edition 2005
Why i cannot go over 2Gb of ram?

Re: Can't go over 2Gb of Ram?

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A couple notes;

1) Try running memtest86+ to confirm that the RAM is accessible and rule
out basic hardware faults.

2) To my knowledge there is no x64 release of Windows Media Center
Edition, so you're limited to 4GB of address space, in practice this
means you'll get at most 3.2GB-3.5GB of memory available to the system
due to hardware limitations in the 32-bit world.

Re: Can't go over 2Gb of Ram?

Jackcheese wrote:
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Check for a "memory remap" setting in the BIOS. I don't see
how that would contribute to a hang though. The hang sounds
like some kind of resource conflict.

You could check for a BIOS upgrade. But be aware, that the
warranty may not cover you on a BIOS upgrade - check the
warranty terms and any release notes with the BIOS, if there
is a replacement BIOS available. While a site like
can help supply a replacement BIOS chip, to fix a "bricked"
motherboard, the Gateway may have the BIOS soldered to the
motherboard. In that case, badflash would not be a convenient
fix. (I found a fuzzy picture of the motherboard, but
cannot see a socketed BIOS chip.)

In WinXP, if you go to Start:Run and type "msconfig", you
can edit the boot.ini file. MSConfig provides a relatively
safe way of editing the file. The "maxmem" option, allows
preventing Windows from seeing some of the memory. You
could try setting that to "2048", since that would not
affect your existing working 4x512MB setup. Then, insert
the 2x2GB sticks. Does Windows still hang ? In that case,
Windows would be prevented from seeing all the memory, but
using "maxmem" would not fix a BIOS resource allocation


Re: Can't go over 2Gb of Ram?

I did this it boots up but only see's 2043Mb
If i remove one, at start up it tells me that
i downgraded to a smaller amount of memory but
it is still seeing 2043
I guess I will leave it with the four 512s and return
the twins:mad:

Re: Can't go over 2Gb of Ram?

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Check the BIOS and make sure the memory remap
feature is not enabled.  The memory remap moves
the hardware addressing to above 4GB for a 64
bit OS.  If memory remap is enabled with a 32 bit
OS, it may limit memory to 2GB, regardless of how
much is installed.

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