Can't get into Win XP after removing hard drive

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Hi guys. As you all may recall, I've gotten rid of my old
malfunctioning 80GB Maxtor. This drive was the slave HDD on IDE channel
1. It was partitioned into a 40GB Linux drive (bootable) and 40GB of
FAT (for transferring data between the O/Ses).

After formatting (had to use the Win XP install CD as Windows on its on
can't recognise non FAT/NTFS partitions) and removing it, my Windows XP
on my master HDD on IDE channel 1 does not work anymore. It gets stuck
at the boot-up screen. If I boot in safe mode, it works.

At the moment I am getting into Windows by using a new install on the
same master HDD on IDE channel 1. I would really like to get back into
my previous Windows install...for example I can't access my old
Documents folder and Shared folders.

What is causing this and how do I fix this?


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