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Re: Can't Boot - Password Protected

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Usually two mobo pins with a jumper one can remove to kill the
password.  Dell does that.  On its desktops anyway.  Toshiba is making
life difficult here.

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Interesting - my download took only 1/2 min.  I will keep that pdf.
Anyway thank you muchly for your work, which you must really love
because you are always full of info and ar always quick to seek
answers to help.  For all of which I do thank you.

I see the manual agrees with you on page 28 (of 151)  thus:

The RTC battery provides power to keep the current date, time and
other setup information in memory while the computer is turned off.
The table in my copy agrees with yours and  lists the charging time
and data preservation period of the RTC battery. The RTC battery is
charged by the adaptor or main battery, while the computer is powered
Charging Time (power on)
About 24 hours
Data preservation period (full charge)
1 month

If nothing else, I can put the thing on a shelf for a month or so just
to see if the battery is still charged, and if not,  whether the BIOS
password still exists.   That's as good as removing the battery, but a
whole lot better and safer than my opening up the case.   For sure.
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Good point.

Thanks again

Big Fred

Re: Can't Boot - Password Protected wrote:

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I just can't believe a maintenance manual
doesn't address the password implementation.

The design isn't exactly standard. Normally the Southbridge
(IXP150 in this case), would perform both the RTC and CMOS

I was hoping the diagrams of the motherboard layout in the
maintenance manual, would have an entry for a "CMOS clear
solder bumps", but there is nothing there. If such a
beast were to exist, it should be on the solder side of
the motherboard, and in the area exposed when the bottom
cover is off the RAM area.


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