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Re: Can I replace my Nvidia Geforce 2 mx 200 with a new matrox millenium G550?

HDI wrote:
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Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Card    1.5V slot   Supports 1.5V and 0.8V signaling.
                                            Available speeds 1x, 2x, 4x at 1.5V
                                            and 4x, 8x at 0.8V.

Your chipset is 845G. 4X max AGP speed. 1.5V only operation.
The line "Available speeds ... 4x at 1.5V" matches that.

Remember, that there are several cards in the Playtool list, that use the
HSI bridge chip. All the cards of that type are labeled
"Universal 1.5V AGP 3.0 Card". Any other cards which use the HSI chip,
would have the same specification. In other words, it is not the GPU
which interfaces to the AGP slot, it is the HSI chip and its specification
that counts.

I found a thread, where someone uses a KT333 with a 6600GT AGP, and the
KT333 is an AGP 4X chipset.

In the Newegg review for "GIGABYTE GV-N76G256D-RH", there is one entry that says

    "This card works with asus 4ps533 @ 4x AGP no problemo"
    (That is a P4S533 with SIS645DX chipset.)

The A7N266-VM mentioned in the Newegg thread, uses nForce 220-D (i.e. "Nforce" in
playtool list), and it should work. But in this thread, both a 6200 and a 7600GS
did not work.

I expect there will be examples that work and examples that don't work. The
Playtool classifications may not always be correct. The thing about buying
AGP video cards, is you cannot have 100% certainty in all aspects, before

To give you an example, I bought a TNT card (don't remember all the details
now), and did all my research first. Got it home, plugged it in, and got
no video. It seemed my motherboard could not power it, as near as I could
tell. I doubt the card was bad, but I took it back to the store and
got my money back. There will always be cases, where you try your best
to match them, and they still don't work.


Re: Can I replace my Nvidia Geforce 2 mx 200 with a new matrox millenium G550?

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On nvidia forum I found this:

NVIDIA based graphic cards which support AGP 8x mode (Accelerated
Graphics Port) follow the AGP 3.0 specification.  The AGP 3.0
specification retains backwards compatibility with older AGP 4x
technology.  All NVIDIA Geforce and Quadro GPU's which support AGP 8x
mode are downwards compatible with AGP 4x motherboards.  When a
graphics card which operates at AGP 8x mode is installed on a
motherboard which only supports up to AGP 4x mode, the card will
automatically switch to AGP 4x operation.

So I think we can saw that it works.

Re: Can I replace my Nvidia Geforce 2 mx 200 with a new matrox millenium G550?


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In some cases, some cards will automatically run at a lower
speed if one merely *forgets* to plug in the aux power
connector - an automatic downclock would serve the purpose
of lowering card temp and power as another alternative to
the custom display resolution setting in nVidia's last few
driver releases.  IOW, with a card this age it would be good
to get the newer driver, not installing the one
from the included CD.

With the Gigabyte's stock passive sink, the next PCI slot
empty, that empty slot's rear bracket cover off, and driver
("coolbits" registry entry enabled) underclocking of GPU
speed, 7600GS should stay cool enough without an addt'l fan
unless the case cooling was already poor w/o the card
installed.    Underclock it enough and it might not even
reach 20W in 3D though anything beyond the Vista Aero
interface wouldn't be very good playing on an underclocked
7600GS unless a quite old game or 2D only.

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