Can I dual boot WXP & W95?

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I am posting this question to these two newsgroups for hardware related
questions related to WXP and W95.  The Windows 95 newsgroups seem to be
dead understandably.

I have a rack-mounted PC with WXP pre-loaded on it.  The motherboard
has Extended ISA slots and PCI slots.  The
processor/memory/video/external connections are actually on an
expansion card that plugs into the motherboard.  There are USB, PS2,
serial, parallel ports all connected to the processor board.  The hard
drive is serial ATA and the CD-ROM is IDE.

This is what I need to do and need some guidance as to whether it can
be done.

I want to make this machine a dual-boot system with WXP/W95.  I need to
use the extended IDE slots with the W95 installation and the PCI slots
with the WXP installation.  The reason I need a W95 installation is the
application I must use is written for W95 and queries the bus
architecture looking for this ISA expansion board and will not work
with WXP.  I also need WXP because it will perform the same function
but with the application written for WXP only.  So far I have not been
able to make WXP recognize the PS2 mouse or keyboard when they are
plugged in.  I can use the keyboard to access the BIOS and navigate
around although it's not as responsive as it should be.

Here are some basic questions:

1.   Can I partition the S-ATA drive without destroying the current WXP

2.   Can I install and run W95 from the partitioned S-ATA drive?

3.   Can W95 use the onboard video port or even a separate PCI video

4.   How do I get both OSes to use the same keyboard and mouse?  I
can't remember if W95 supports PS2 and am rather certain it doesn't
support USB.

5   Am I better off installing a secondary IDE hard drive for W95 and
how would I make it boot from that drive?

This endeavour is becoming more complicated as I delve into it but am
hopeful it can be accomplished.  Thanks for any feedback and any

Re: Can I dual boot WXP & W95?

badgolferman wrote:
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Not likely you'll ever find win95 SATA drivers...

I'd disconnect your XP drive and install win95 on an ide drive
and see if you can get it to work that way,

If you get win95 installed ok
then hook up your SATA drive and you will need to boot to XP and modify
the boot loader

Though that should work, if it does not...
you may be able to select the boot drive in the bios

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