Buying a used LCD monitor (it has dead pixels)

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Is this a decent deal?  I play games as well, I'm not sure how much the
dead pixels would bother me, but I need a new monitor and this IS a
nice model...

2 month old Hyundai Imagequest L90D+ 19" LCD computer monitor (follow
link for specs). This is a great monitor but it has 2 pixels stuck on
(red and green), which are not visible at all against a white
background (office apps, web browsing) but I use it for games and it
really stands out against black and dark colors. The 2 pixels were
stuck right out of the box and 10 or more are required for manufacturer
replacement. I paid $450 + tax for this monitor but I will sell it for
$250 (save $267.50).

Thanks in advance.

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New, it is $318 at Newegg. The package has a lot of accessories,
which may be missing from the box when you get it.,24-179-014-12.jpg,24-179-014-03.jpg,24-179-014-04.jpg,24-179-014-05.jpg,24-179-014-06.jpg,24-179-014-07.jpg,24-179-014-08.jpg,24-179-014-09.jpg,24-179-014-10.jpg&CurImage=24-179-014-09.jpg&Description=HYUNDAI%20L90D+%20Silver%2019%22%208ms%20LCD%20Monitor%20-%20Retail

What kind of warranty will it have when you get it ? Is the
warranty transferable ? Is an original sales receipt required ?

There are 714 customer reviews here - have a scan through them
and see what you think. Scary.


Re: Buying a used LCD monitor (it has dead pixels)

I guess I should have specified i'm from canada, so that is a canadian
price.  In canada, the monitor runs 400+ dollars before tax...

Wow, glad I read those consumer reviews. I don't really want to buy
into a monitor that is going to develop a bunch of lines after some
arbitrary period, and with such terrible customer support...

Thanks for the help.

Re: Buying a used LCD monitor (it has dead pixels)

On 8 Dec 2005 12:11:15 -0800, wrote:

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If you are in the US Id wait for a deal. You can find lots of LCD 19"
for $200-300 especially now with XMas sales.

Stuck pixels bug the heck out of me. One pixel on my Viewsonic started
showing bright blue when the background was black only. When it wasnt
black I didnt see any problems at all but that bugged me so much I was
thinking of buying another monitor. When I would watch movies or
anything with the black background that bright blue pixel stuck out
like crazy like it was just floating there  --- really annoying.
Luckily it went away.

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