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I am confused on what CPU to buy for a desktop PC.
I want a computer for word processing, internet web broswing and some emails
only. Low usage I guess.
I want about 512ram, 80gHD, onboard graphics,sound,CD.....what CPU

Whats the difference in perfomance with Celeron,AMD,Pentium. I want better
than Pentium4 2.0Ghz. I know Celeron and AMD are cheaper and are less

but for my usage are they (celeron,AMD)OK?
, I dont want my PC crashing in 2 years time.

Re: buying a PC

i got a sempron 2600 and it runs great in my system, i could o'c it but my
motherboards crap, so that doesn't work

i was gonna buy a celeron D 2.4Ghz but was advised by a ng to go AMD, i
certainly don't regret it. If i were you get a 754 sempron (3000, if you can
afford it), match it with a good board like a Asus K8N(lots of features, not
sure about the O'c ability) and you got a cpu and motherboard for less than
a 100(est $200), plus it will run alot cooler than a celeron setup, and
when your ready you can get your hands on a second hand AMD 64 chip.

my setup( built jan2005)
2600 sempron
512mb DDR333(its acutally 400 running in sync)
Radeon 9600 pro 128mb
win xp
35 gb hdd(20 + 15)

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Re: buying a PC

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 I was looking at getting a AMD 2800 or 3000 with Asrock K7MV3Motherboard
. I want to know is will this run as fast as P4 equivalent.

Re: buying a PC

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What about motherboards with AMD, I cam choose a few eg Asrock,
gigabyte,Asus what difference does this make?

Re: buying a PC

every cpu made in the last 10 years! benchmarked in all areas, just look
though the pages till you find a benchmark that meets your area.

has for the motherboard, if your not a o'c geek or a benchmark freak, then
its a feature thing, go for the best feature to performance ratio. my
remmendations are


I've only built machines with the first two but i've read alot of good
things about the second two, other good manufacturers are


the only one i would stay away from is soyo, but thats only out of a single
bad experience i had as a kid (my first real pc had a soyo mb)
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Re: buying a PC

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that's not true at all
the Celeron and AMD are both as reliable as the P-4
the Celeron just has a smaller cache, which for what you are doing
should not be noticable.
I build a lot of machines and usually use AMD's just because they work well
and cost less.

You will save a lot of money by not getting a "cutting edge" cpu...
2 ghz is way better than you actually need (as long as you have 512 megs of
ram) then spend the extra money on a machine *without* on-board video.

Re: buying a PC

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what about these cards, any problem here?

forsa 128mb mx4000 8x
forsa fx 5200 128mb TD
smartVGA ati 92000se 128m

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