Buy a DDR Kingston 512MB Stick or NOT

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 I wanted to increase the memory of my PC , I have a
Gigabyte GA-8IR2003 (REV.2)
motherboard and a DDR333 256MB CAS2.5
So i waned to buy a Kingston 512MB
Stick , but i only found in the
market a Kingston DDR400 512MB CAS3 , so
wanted to know if it will be compatible with my PC or not since the
manual says that it only supports 2.5V DDR DIMM ? and
will the total RAM Become
768MB ?
Knowing that it doesnt matter with me CAS3 , 2.5 or 2 .


Re: Buy a DDR Kingston 512MB Stick or NOT

All DDR memory is 2.5 volt.

If you only have one 256MB stick and assuming 4 DIMM slots, what you
want is another 256M DIMM in the second bank ~ one in each bank for
dual channel operation....

Re: Buy a DDR Kingston 512MB Stick or NOT

On 19 Nov 2005 06:43:32 -0800, ""

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Not necessarily.  That is the base voltage BUT some modules
are specified to require higher voltage to run stable at
their upper speed and SPD timings.  Generally it is better
to avoid such modules, and most certainly better to do so if
the board doesn't have voltage adjustment options.

Re: Buy a DDR Kingston 512MB Stick or NOT

Yes that's correct, I was thinking of the Data; VDDq which is 2.5v [ or
2.6v for DDR 400].

The over all Vdd is +3.3 V +/-0.3 V or
+2.5 V +/-0.2 V for DDR 200, 266, or 333,
+2.6 +/-0.1 V for DDR 400

Sorry about the misinformation

Re: Buy a DDR Kingston 512MB Stick or NOT

On Sat, 19 Nov 2005 01:24:20 -0600, (zoxta) wrote:

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Yes, adding the 2nd module would result in 768MB.   "Some"
boards require matched (at least same sized) modules for
dual channel operation, check your motherboard manual.

You didn't mention whether the new memory needs 2.5V or more
so we can't be certain if it's officially supported but it
will probably work fine.  That is not a guarantee though,
you should run memtest86+ to check it before running the
operating system.

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